International Missions

Taking the Good New of Christ around the world.

International Missions

Riverbend Baptist Church supports a variety of international missions including a number of non-profit and mission teams that were formed within our church. Click the link below to find out where we're going next.

Cornerstone International Ministries

Cornerstone International Ministries, located in Cleveland, GA, was initially founded to assist Christians in Southern Moldova to build churches, provide for the physical needs of people in southern Moldova and to spread the Gospel of Christ. God has extended the borders of this initial ministry to helping Christians around the world.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands was founded in 2003 by Drs. Richard and Brenda Kowalske, who had their calling to the mission field during a medical mission trip to Bolivia in August of 2002. This ministry has expanded to include work not only in Bolivia, but Uganda, Mexico, and other countries.

The mission of Helping Hands is to share the love of God in practical ways – through provision of food, clean water, shelter, and medical care; education; church plants; and construction projects. Helping Hands facilitates opportunities for all to serve, helping to discover and utilize our God-given gifts and talents as we take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people.

International Mission Board

An entity of the Southern Baptist Convention, the International Mission Board, or IMB for short, follows the Great Commission and works to spread the Gospel of Christ around the world. As a Southern Baptist Church we support the IMB through yearly offerings. To learn more about the IMB, visit their website

Net India

Net India is a non-profit mission / ministry by Ken and Tracy Grindle. In the year 2000, Ken, Tracy, and their children McClain and Micah obediently followed God’s calling on their lives and began serving the people of India. Living in India six months each year since the beginning of their ministry, the Grindle family currently resides in Gainesville, GA. Net India relies heavily on short-term missionaries realizing the value and investment in short-term mission projects.

Net India recruits individuals that have gifts, talents and skills that may assist established ministries inside India to evangelize and spread the Gospel of Christ. The ministries of the Grindle family spread the Gospel by providing sports camps, nourishment, building of huts and evangelical ministry opportunities as well as their annual Christmas in a Backpack ministry.

Rahab’s Rope

Rahab’s Rope Women’s Center is both a local and international mission supported by Riverbend Baptist Church. Rahab’s Rope, a mission managed by members of Riverbend’s congregation, David and Vicki Moore, gives hope and opportunity to women and girls that have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India by providing a safe and loving environment that will enable them to grow and develop both physically and spiritually.

Internationally, Rahab’s Rope works in the slums of India, providing food and counseling to young women and children, as well as vocational skills and education, so they can re-enter their communities in a positive and contributing way. In addition, the mission attempts to save young women and children from brothels where they would grow up to be raped, abused and mistreated.

Locally, Rahab’s Rope has a retail store located at 115 South Bradford Street SE, on the square, in downtown Gainesville, GA. The store operates as a showcase of the many items some of the women make at the mission’s vocational center in India. The retail store carries a wide array of gift items, jewelry, bags and home décor items. All profits go to support the work of Rahab’s Rope Women’s Center in India.

Word of Life Fellowship

Word of Life Fellowship Ministries is committed to reaching youth with the Gospel through Bible Clubs, Camps, the Word of Life Institute, and Productions in the United States and around the world.