God Wants To Be With Us

God Wants To Be With Us

December 3, 2017 – This week Reverend Chris Eppling of Truett McConnell leads us through a study on Exodus 3 and how we handle situations when we realize that we alone are simply not strong enough to handle all of life’s challenges.  In this sermon Rev. Eppling details specifically how God responds to our self-doubt when we see that we cannot make it on our own. 

Key Points

  • God stated that I will always be with you and will walk through these perilous times alongside you. 
  • God promised that he will never leave us and that he will never forsake us
  • He will walk through every fire with us.
  • The Lord of the universe wants a relationship with us. 
  • There has never been a time where he has not wanted a relationship with us and there will never be a time when God does not want a relationship with us.
  • There are things that we can let stop us, but with God‘s encouragement, his love, his power, and his desire to be with us we can do anything.
  • God doesn’t make mistakes.
  • God knows that the fact that you are in a difficult situation means that you can overcome it…if you embrace him.
  • God says…Follow me.

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