Life Groups

Small groups are an integral part of our church, building relationships and touching lives.

Life Groups

Are you looking for a place to study God's Word? Do you long to know how to apply it to your life today? Are you looking for a community of strong relationships?

An Adult Life Group at Riverbend Baptist may be just what you are looking for.

Our Life Groups are designed with you in mind.  With a variety of class sizes, topical tracks and teaching styles, we have a group that will specifically suit who you are.  Ranging from singles to older married couples, no matter your stage in life, we are here to assist you in your walk with Christ.

Life Group teachers bring life-changing lessons from the Bible each week.  These are the very core of our ministry because we believe that the Bible is God’s Inspired Word and the very bread of life (John 6:35). We believe that your life will be filled with meaning and promise as you discover the God of the Bible.

Below is a listing of each of our Life Group classes available on Sunday Mornings. Contact the church office for more information about getting plugged in.

Sunday: 9:15 AM

Room # & Location Instructor Class
210 – Upper Level Chris & Robin Guthrie/Scott & Kathy Head College and Career
208 – Upper Level Kelli Harris Ladies 20-40
206 – Upper Level Connie Dennis Women 40+
207 – Upper Level Nick Kastner/Beau Adams Young Families 30’s
204 – Upper Level Tre Alverson/Marcus Neville/Jeff White Couples 40
213 – Upper Level Glen & Carol Cox/Joel Williams Couples 50
212 – Upper Level Yvonne Berry/Roger Williams/Anita Wilson Adults 60 and up
209 – Upper Level Jim Welchel Couples 60+
215 – Upper Level Cindy Hart/ Mary Walls Women 65+
214 – Upper Level Tom Watson Men 65+