RiverKids Children’s Ministry

Creating firm Christian foundations so our children can grow closer to Christ.

RiverKids Children’s Ministry

The Children's Ministry at Riverbend Baptist exists to introduce K - 6th grade children to Christ and help them establish a firm foundation where their faith can grow.

We offer a number of different Ministry opportunities for children ages K – 6th grade. Our schedule for both Sunday School and our children’s ministry efforts is as follows:


9:00 AM – Bible Study Groups (K – 6th grade)

10:30 AM – RiverKids SHINE


6:30 PM – 8:00 PM – RiverKids BLAST & 4:12 Ministries

In our efforts to establish a Christian foundation for the children that are part of our ministry, we have a number of different avenues designed with this end in mind:

  • 4:12 Ministries is a 5th and 6th grade ministry designed to challenge the child in their faith in an environment that is comfortable, unique and exciting. 4:12 Ministries builds on the foundation laid in our K – 4th grade ministry with an added emphasis on scripture, memorization, missions and personal evangelism.
  • RiverKids SHINE is a worship service designed for children in Kindegarten – 4th grades. RiverKids SHINE is a high energy, high impact worship program with a weekly drama designed from a child’s perspective and centered on Biblical themes.
  • RiverKids BLAST is an intentional Bible centered youth program for children ages three – 4th grade. The RiverKids BLAST ministry strive to challenge children to memorize scripture and introduce them to the importance of being on mission with God.

In addition to these ministries, our Children’s Ministry hosts annual events such as a Community -Wide Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School (June), Summer Camp, Fall Festival (late October), as well as a variety of other monthly activities.

Also visit our RiverKids Facebook page for current update and events.  https://www.facebook.com/RBBC.net/

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Volunteer Form

We are ALWAYS looking for volunteers and teachers who are passionate Followers of Christ and are looking to serve Him through ministering to Children. If this is you, please submit this form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.