Heaven is real

Heaven is real

February 25, 2018 – This week Interim Pastor Larry Wynn leads us through John chapter 14.  Theis sermon is a study on Heaven.  Jesus commanded us and told us that it’s our job as believers to bring as many people to Heaven as we possibly can.   There is life after death.  Even though many people today may question eternity, Jesus assured us that Heaven and eternity is real.  God is not offended or intimidated by our skepticism around heaven. 

Important things to know about heaven.

  1. Heaven is promised.  Jesus will never break a promise…He never has and He never will.
  2. Heaven is a real place.
  3. Heaven is a perfect place.
  4. Heaven is where the bible comes alive.
  5. Heaven is a place of worship.
  6. Heaven is a place for prepared people.  Jesus told us that he going ahead to prepare a place for us in His kingdom.

One day, we as believers will walk in through the gates of heaven.  We will get there through our relationship with Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the cross…the forgiveness of our sins through His blood.

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