Pastor Search Team

Pray for the team as they begin the search for Riverbend's next leader and pastor.

Pastor Search Team

Update: Wednesday, June 6

The Pastor Search Team thanks you for your prayers. They have not gone unnoticed.

Since forming, your Pastor Search Team has been busy at work collecting information, surveying the congregation and putting together the profile of our next senior pastor. That profile was developed considering your feedback in the congregational survey, information collected from our local Chattahoochee Baptist Association as well as information from a variety of other sources. We have learned a great deal and are now prepared to start reviewing resumes. We can tell you that we are seeking a senior pastor with a loving and servant’s heart and a love for our community. The senior pastor should lead by example, be approachable, and a great encourager, motivator, listener, communicator and visionary for our Church. We also anticipate our next senior pastor being focused on discipleship, evangelism and prayer (but not necessarily in that order).

With that information, and at this point in our efforts, we need your help. If you are aware of a potential candidate for this position, please have them submit a resume to We have begun reviewing resumes and look forward to your submissions.

In Christ, the Pastor Search Team

Update: Wednesday, April 25

Our meeting last night was a wonderful time of prayer and discussion about the next leader and pastor at Riverbend Baptist Church. The pastor search team discussed a variety of topics. During the meeting, the pastor search team affirmed the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. The team also affirmed and signed a pastor search team covenant outlining expectations of each member of the team. Following these events, the committee began planning for a congregational survey regarding the church’s expectations for a new pastor. The survey will be distributed on May 20th for completion.

Thank you all for praying for us as we begin this journey. If you have names or recommendations that you would like to give to the team for consideration, please provide those to Jeff White. An email address where these may be sent is forthcoming.


Pastor Search Team Members:

Sam Chapman

Connie Dennis

Wanda Freeman (Alternate)

Tina Hubbard

Nick Kastner (Vice Chair & Alternate)

Marcus Neville

Jeff White (Chair)