Joe’s Place

Joe’s Place is a local Mission House located directly beside the church, and is open each Tuesday from 9am to noon.

How It All Started

As a young boy, Joe Merck was part of Riverbend Baptist Church when it was first built in 1947. Over the past 40 years, Joe has selflessly dedicated his life to serving homeless men, women and children in our community and beyond. In addition to his service, Joe has come to the aid of persons being released from hospitals, jails and other homeless shelters. When families and children could not find shelter and no one else would take them in, Joe was there. Truly, his humble work, dedication and ministry have been a blessing to the homeless and those in need in our local community.

In his servitude to Christ, Joe felt compassion for these individuals. He poured out a love for them through the same love he recieved in Jesus. It is our hope that Joe’s Place will become a place for the tired, worn-out and weary to come for a time of refreshment.

Each Tuesday, Joe’s Place provides:
*coffee and refreshments
*food after a short devotional service
*free haircuts
*job board and resource referrals
*showering facilities
*free notary service

And, specifically for first time guests and our homeless friends:
*personal care items
*clothing referrals
*Red Rabbit tickets (limited)

As a part of our mission to build a better community, Joe’s Place is on the front-lines! It’s our hope that we can love people, no-strings attached, and one by one introduce people to the hope that is found in Jesus Christ as we build a better community one life at a time.

We’d love to help you get connected to serving at Joe’s Place. Contact us for more info.