Worship & The Book of Romans
  Week 1: Saul to Paul

Read Acts 9:1-31; Ch. 13; Phillipians 3:4-8 Memorize Romans 8:28 1. Pride before God The name Saul: “Asked for” or “Prayed for” The name Paul: “Small” or “Humble” Saul, persecutor of Christians,...read more

  Week 2: Romans 1:1

In November, 1515 there was a priest by the name of Martin Luther who himself was known as an Augustian monk, who was the professor of sacred theology in the Catholic university of Wittenberg. And to his...read more

  Week 3: Romans 1:2-17

“The Summary of this Gospel of Faith”   1. Saving Faith   1. Small god = small faith 2. Big God = big faith As we journey through Romans. See the angle coming from a view of  “works-based”...read more

  Week 4: Romans 1:18-32

The Seven Affirmations of Romans, taken from David Platt’s sermon “An All-Encompassing Vision” Affirmation 1. “All people know God the Father” (1:18-21)   It is clear that the book of Romans...read more

  Week 5: Romans 2:1-16

God will render to each one according to his work. If we ever see a brother or sister in sin.. we should never let our first thought be “What a wretched person” This is the battle in faith for grace...read more