Week 3: Romans 1:2-17

Week 3: Romans 1:2-17

“The Summary of this Gospel of Faith”


1. Saving Faith


1. Small god = small faith

2. Big God = big faith

As we journey through Romans. See the angle coming from a view of  “works-based” jewish community to an equal playing field of “Justified by Faith”

Paul is giving away “the secrets” right from the beginning

“In it (the gospel) the righteousness of God is revealed, from faith for faith. As it is written “The righteous shall live by faith”


By Faith!


Live by faith!


This is nothing new. Nothing created as it went along.. From the beginning of time. God knew.


“Before the foundation of the world!”


Think about that!


Why was the promised? What’s the purpose of the gospel? Why faith?

To bring about more faith!

Faith in God gives glory to God. When we acknowledge that His ways are much higher than our’s, when we trust God above everything else, God gets the glory by the means of our faith in Him.


The power of God in salvation is through the Gospel. Faith will only grow as our knowledge of who God is grows.

How hard is it to have faith?

The beauty of the gospel is that it all starts with a seed. At the moment of salvation, our faith is like a seed planted. As we grow and walk in the process of Sanctification, our faith grows as our relationship to Christ does.

Would you have more faith in your best friend in keeping your deepest secret or a stranger?

Your best friend!

That’s because the relationship with your best friend is stronger than with the stranger. You know your best friend! You trust your best friend!

Your faith is dependent not only on your mind/heart’s condition and convictions but also the condition of the one you place your faith in!


Could you place your faith in a person that never did anything wrong?

Could you place your faith in a God that created the universe?

That knows your inner most being?


The larger your view of God, the larger your faith in God will be..


Small God = Small Faith

Big God = Big Faith


2. Encouraging Faith


This faith is not only the means of salvation, but in reference to community it is the means of encouragement! Paul goes into a deep pride and joy, knowing how strong the faith is of the church in Rome. This faith of their’s is proclaimed in all the world!! Can you imagine??


How many churches today, in 2015 have a faith that is proclaimed world wide??


This is great news!!


The faith of our fellow believers, should encourage us. Be excited when your fellow Christian reaches new heights of understanding! Be proud of your children when they lead the prayer before dinner! Envy and Covetousness are at the heart of sin and unrighteousness. Let’s fight against pride and arrogance. It is a poison to the worship of God!

How can we have more faith in our worship?

How could our faith be an encouragement to others in worship?


This is not a battle of “deeper faith” it’s hole being dug.. Everyone has a shovel. We are the body of Christ, striving to make God more famous in this world than before. This is the greatest news, that we can be used by God for His glory!


This is the gospel. But the book of Romans doesn’t stop there…

1. Small God = Small Faith

2. Big God = Big Faith

We can fully trust and believe in the One that holds the world in His hands.