Week 4: Romans 1:18-32

Week 4: Romans 1:18-32

The Seven Affirmations of Romans, taken from David Platt’s sermon “An All-Encompassing Vision”

Affirmation 1. “All people know God the Father” (1:18-21)


It is clear that the book of Romans takes it’s first turn in verse 18.. There are many verses going into the wickedness of man. For the first 3 chapters, you can see the theme of depravity. All men are condemned for their sin.

“Suppress the truth”


It’s not a matter of people not knowing the truth, or not knowing God.. it’s the fact that they know the truth, they know God but they suppress this knowledge. This refers directly to the state of our hearts. “renew a right spirit within me”

We sing these songs all the time. “God would you take and mold me. Mold me and make me after Thy will”

We sing songs like this because they refer to us surrounding to God. It is stubbornness to be stuck in our ways. To be convinced that we have everything figured out. It’s submission and surrender to say “I don’t have the superior knowledge here.”

How do we know the Truth? If we didn’t believe we knew it in the first place, how are we suppressing it?

Because the work of God is all around us. You can look around you and worship this moment at the fact that every breath you breathe comes from God. Every material invention made by man, has been made from what was already created. We can manipulate creation but we cannot create. He gives life and breath to all things. Who tells you tour heart to beat?

Not only do we know that God exists, but He CLEARLY exists. We don’t have to make up a cool way to convince people that deny the existence of God that he exists. God has made a way, cooler and bigger than anything we could come up with on our own. The heavens declare the glory of God! Who could truly look into our atmosphere, our universe and see the billions of stars and honestly believe that we live in an accident. God’s fingerprint is there. He does not need us to prove that He exists, He has shown Himself to us!

When we read the rest of Chapter 1 it’s important that we know who the “they” is that Paul writes about… Many have said and thought “yeah, it’s true. Those other people. They are the ones that deny God. It’s the atheists. OR it’s those sinners I see on the news.”

This is HUGE! The fact is, those that suppress the truth, that know God but do not give thanks to Him are us. There is not a single person created on this earth or universe that can escape this. They (all) are without excuse!

Affirmation #2 “All people reject true knowledge of God” (1:21-23)

Do not make the mistake of thinking this passage was written for other people. This passage is for all of us. WE suppress the truth. WE are the one’s that know God but don’t give thanks to Him. We worship idols. We exchanged God’s glory for a lie. We worshipped the created and not the creator.