Week 5: Romans 2:1-16

Week 5: Romans 2:1-16

God will render to each one according to his work.

If we ever see a brother or sister in sin.. we should never let our first thought be “What a wretched person”

This is the battle in faith for grace to be displayed through you. Look to yourself. This is not a lesson on judging others, it’s a lesson on judging yourself. Do you see a thief and say “What a wretched thief! I would never steal.” or do you say “What a wretched thief I am. What God has blessed me with, I’ve kept to my self. The times in my life that I have been given Kindness and hoarded it for myself. The times I’ve seen a friend be blessed, and I’ve stolen their joy. The times I’ve brought anger and sadness to people instead of love and compassion. Surely I am the chief of sinners”

There is no ranking in the eyes of a Just God. A sinner, living a life of unrighteousness is just as lost and just as far from God as the next. Were we able to be closer to God depending on our degree of sin, it would be a works based salvation and not faith. Christ did the work!! He will render to every human according to their deeds! This is awful news for the sinner. God will judge the secrets of all men?? What can we do? That means we’re all guilty?


Affirmation #3 “There are no innocent people in the world” (1:24-32, 2:12-16)


“But what about the innocent man in the jungles of Africa?”

If there are innocent men and women in the jungles of Africa, then they need no gospel. There would be no need for Missions. Forget taking the gospel to the unreached peoples of the world. If they are innocent, then taking the gospel to them would be the worst thing we could do. It would be better for them to live their lives with their ears covered and never hear the name of Jesus. Upon hearing the gospel, they wouldn’t be innocent anymore! This is not the world we live in.


When we think that innocent people exist, we create ways of salvation apart from the blood of Jesus on the cross.


If this angers you, if this saddens you, if this seems unfair. It should anger you, it should sadden you, but it is fair.


That is why we cannot waste our time. God has one plan, and one way to reach all peoples of all nations for His glory and that is the gospel.

What a wretched people we are.. not a single person free from sin, only Jesus Christ. Thank God for the grace he has.. we didn’t’ deserve the grace given to us. As we sing, as we lead.. let’s not think we’re above the rest, just because the stage is elevated. This is leading in humility. Pray for those that are far from God right now! Let’s let the guilty know that there is the way!